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Boy Scout Troop 173
Yorktown Heights, NY

Welcome to Troop 173!
Welcome to the Scouting family where we help enrich the lives of boys and endeavor to make a positive impact in the kind of men they become. By becoming a parent of a Boy Scout, you are setting your son out on the grand adventure of Scouting. This is a tremendously important and rewarding endeavor that you will be able to share with him. Troop 173 is dedicated to fulfilling the Mission of the Boy Scouts of America by providing a safe and fun program of service to the community, leadership development, and outdoor adventure to its youth members, based on the values contained in the Scout Oath and Scout Law. Using the Patrol Method of organization, the Troop is "boy run" with Adult Scouters serving as coaches and advisors. For more information please see our New Parent Guide or contact us.
Troop 173 Leadership Change
Troop 173 has a dedicated group of adult leaders and volunteers who contribute much of their free time and talents to helping our boys grow. We've been fortunate to have the talents and capabilities of Jared Feinberg leading our Troop for the past 7 months. Due to his many other roles both in and out of Scouting, Mr. Feinberg has decided to step down as Troop 173 Scoutmaster. Keith Holmes, an already dedicated and experienced ASM will be stepping into the role of Scoutmaster effective immediately. Mr. Feinberg will be continuing in the role of ASM. Thank you, Mr. Feinberg, for your dedication to the Troop!

50th Anniversary Dinner Reservations
Troop 173 is celebrating our 50th year with a buffet dinner at our February Court of Honor! All of Troop 173's current and former scouts are welcome to attend. Please pay using the button below, and remember that you must also RSVP using the Evite link from your email, (or simply click here). We look forward to seeing you there!

Class B Apparel Order Form
Please note that Class B apparel orders can still be placed, however orders will not be submitted to the manufactuer until minimums are met. Payment should be made out to Troop 173 and brought to troop meetings. If you are unable to attend the meetings, please contact Karen Vogel to make other arrangements.
Order Form | Forms will also be available to Troop meetings.

BSA 2016 Dues
It's that time of year - please submit your payment for the 2016 BSA dues. You can pay directly using the link below. This year's dues are $80, but please keep in mind that the BSA has mandated an increase, so be prepared for next year when the rate will go up.

Merit Badge Book Library
A set of procedures and a complete listing of Merit Badge Books available to be borrowed has been assembled by Ryan G.
Books may be borrowed for a 4 week period.
Merit Badge Book Library: list | procedures